5 Things That Take a Massage chair from Good to Great

Massage therapy is the longest using relaxing practice. This therapy has always been renowned to relax both your body and your mind.

However, massaging can prevent as well as relieve the back, shoulder, and neck pain. Massaging can also soothe the anxiety and depression while helping you maintain proper posture and improve circulation.

But, do you know who can get benefitted the most with the massage therapy, the desk workers. Yes, massage therapy is extremely helpful for the desk workers as they have very physically taxing job. And, all the stress at the workplace and the wrong posture sitting in a chair for long hours can may leave you dealing with neck, shoulder, and back pain.

However, there are some practices that can help you avoid these ailments such as:

  • Regular Exercises,
  • Frequent Stretching During Work,
  • Sitting in a Comfortable Chair which has Neck and Foot Rests, and
  • Maintaining a Proper Position etc.

But there is absolutely nothing that relaxes and soothes all the stress and muscular pain in your body like a full body massage chair. Therefore, more people now-a-days are taking into consideration the importance of massage therapy. So, the massage chairs are becoming very popular in today’s stressful times as they offer convenience, mobility, and time efficiency.

If you’re someone who is interested in enjoying the benefits of massage therapy and want to buy massage chair online, here are 5 things that you must consider before buying the one as these 5 things can take a massage chair from good to great.

1. Massage Function:

The normal traditional massage chairs usually offer just little more than the simple vibration and rolling massage. But talking about the high-end massage chairs, these chairs offer numerous features to help you with the ease. These pre-programmed functions and features generally include:

  • Different Roller Intensities:
    • 2D (basic);
    • 3D (adjustable);
    • 4D (variable) roller intensity
  • Heat Therapy
    • Kneading;
    • Reflexology,
    • Rolling,
    • Shiatsu,
    • Sound Therapy;
    • Space-saving Design,
    • Tapping,
    • Vibration,
    • Zero Gravity & inversion therapy etc.

However, these functions will be affecting the cost of your massage chair but if you’re prioritizing your long-term health then this one time investment is worth the price.


2. Massage Rollers & Tracks

When you decide to buy a luxury massage chair of your dreams, you should consider the range of the rollers. However, the range of the rollers is indicated by the type of track your massage chair will be having:

  • L-track: This is a roller track that is efficient to extend from the neck to the gluteus muscles. It is used to conform to the spine’s natural “S” shape. The height of these L-tracks is generally 47”–52”.
  • S-track: This is a roller track that can extend from the neck through the lower lumbar region. However, the S-tracks are shorter than the L-tracks with the height of 30”–32”. But, it allows the user for spinal stretching and twisting flexibility.
  • J-track: This is the most effective track and is also known as Flex Track. We called it the most effective one as it combines the range of the L-track along with the stretching capabilities of the S-track.

However, there are some massage chairs that can be adjusted and have a range of heights along with some feature which have adjustable roller width.

3. The Recline Function

When you go for buying a full body massage chair, always check for its recline functions. However, most of the luxury massage chairs come with a variety of recline options. The most popular recline function of the massage chairs is the zero gravity function. Zero gravity recline function takes the pressure off your spine as it puts your body in a gravity-neutral position.

This recline function is also helpful in lowering your heart rate while reducing tension and improving the blood circulation. Apart from this, some other reclining options are single-touch feature that provides you with the total control of your massage chair and that too with the press of a single button.

Adding a degree of recline to your massage has several benefits on your health. For instance, it provides you with a deeper massage experience and is useful in boosting the relaxation.


4. Massage Intensity

Massage intensity stands for the strength of the massage. However, the massage strength of a luxury massage chair is the most important aspect that takes your massage chair from good to great. By the way, this strength of the chair depends on the number of motors within the chair.  Moreover, there are massage chairs that can be categorized on the abilities of its roller system:

  • 2D Massage Chairs: The 2D technology can be found in the most basic massage chairs. These kinds of massage chairs can only move up, down, left or right.
  • 3D Massage Chairs: A 3D massage technology let you adjust the intensity of the rollers. These chairs are designed to get you a more personalized massage.
  • 4D Massage Chairs: The 3D massage technology got further enhanced in the form of 4D technology and variable roller intensity has been added to the 3D massage chairs.  Such massage chairs offer a deeper reach. Hence, these are beneficial for the people who have back and shoulder issues.

In addition to these technologies, some massage chairs come with removable padding that are efficient to further let you customize the strength of your massage.


5. Ease of Use

And last thing that can take your massage chair experience to the next level is ‘the ease of use’. The frustrating or confusing directions can take the enjoyment of relaxing experience away. Therefore, operating a massage chair shouldn’t make you stressed. However, the latest massage chairs in the market come with easy-to-operate and intuitive controls.

The controls of many massage chairs are even operated via touch screen or with one-touch remote. In fact, there are some massage chairs out there that come with voice-activated commands. So, if you’re really looking for the simplicity then you should check its ease of use and controls when you go to buy massage chair online or offline.