VS-987 Blue Full Body Massage Chair

VS-987 Blue Full Body Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Whole Body Massage Chair


Model No. VS-987

colour option available

1.) Bright moon white, Fog gray blue


Product Specifications

Product Name                         -   Versachi Smart home massage chair

Net weight/ Gross weight      -   90Kg/104Kg

Rated Power                            -   150W

Rated Volatage                        -   110-220V

Rated Frequency                     -   50/60Hz

Product Features                     -   AI Voice Control /graphene hot compress / 10 sets of massage procedures


3 Square Massage Upgrades

Create a more comfortable massage experience

a) Comfort Upgrade

  • 9 massage techniques
  • crus kneading massage
  • Graphene hot compress massage

b) Intelligent Upgrade

  • AI Voice Control
  • Upgrade 10 massage programs

c) Convenient Upgrade

  • Armrest control shortcut
  • Wireless charging/USB Charging

9 Massage Techniques

More Professional fingering feel

According to the professional massage techniques of many massage masters, after 863 repeated adjustment tests, the engineer selected 9 kinds of massage techniques to accurately massage the cervical spine and waist back and relax the frozen muscles.

  • 360° Kneading
  • Smooth Kneading
  • Reverse Kneading
  • Upper half kneading
  • Knead half
  • Slap
  • Knead and pat
  • Acupressure
  • Knock

2 Sleep Modes

built-in α Brain wave music leads to rapid meditation

  • Meditation Mode
  • Deep Sleep Mode


You should know what you Need at the first call

AI Intelligent voice control

  • Xiaodi, Xiaodi
  • I'm here
  • Start Massage
  • OK, the massage has begun
  • Change mode
  • OK, XX Mode has been switched


HIFI Sound Arround

Relax and fall asleep slowly in the music

  • 3D Stereo effect
  • Bluetooth connection


Personal Tailor

3 Memory Storage Functions

Three memory storage functions, which store the massage mode, massage technique, air pressure mode, strength, leg frame and backrest frame angle under the current running state.

  • Memory Chip - Personal Customization for you
  • Storage Massage Technique - Accurately locate the figure area of the body
  • Storage Massage Angle - Your Massage angle


Innovational Dual Manipulator

147cm Super Long SL Shape Rail

The Upper 3D manipulator and lower hip manipulator massage system with multi-levels of depth, speed, and width controls allows the ordering of - Neck, Shoulder, Back, Waist, Hip, Thigh, 4D Hip Manipulator and Upper 3D Manipulator.


Hip Kneading Manipulator

Adustable 3 Gear Strength Hip Manipulator

Hip Manipulator cooperate with upper 3D manipulator to provide Higher Level of 3D.


Graphene Temperature Sensitive Spa

3S fast heating is faster and more balanced

Compared with traditional carbon fiber heating, graphene heating has faster and more balanced heating effect.

  • Back and waist hot compress protects strained muscles
  • Hot compress on the outside of the leg to activate the lower leg


Detail Display

Piano Paint Baking Panel - Piano paint baking process, beautiful and generous.

Bluetooth Music - Three Dimensional surround enjoy massage

Removable Head Restraint - Ease the strenth of head massage and faciltate cleaning

Mood Breathing Lamp - Gorgeous light effect breathing lamp


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